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“Ahh ! So…boring! ”
            Shakira lay on the school garret. She memorized back when she at the England.

“Tomorrow, we have to transfer to Japan and register you to the new school, Ishiyama High School. Here is you’re uniform.”
“We want to transfer?!?Why all of sudden?!?And look Papa, this uniform is so dull! I looked stupid when I wear it!”Shakira snarled and threw down the shirt on the floor.
“Dear, don’t throw it like that. Besides, it’s yours…”said Mr. Adam Brandon; smoothly.
“Ahh!! I don’t care about that! If you want to transferred, just go on! I stay here!”
PRANG!!!” Mr. Adam slapped his daughter.
“Don’t you have enough?”
“ Papa! You never slap me before. Just because the transfer problem you slapped me?! How could you!”
“It’s for your mom’s sake! Before she died, she ask me transfer to Japan for searching her parents at Tokyo and she want you go too.”
‘Yes! That what she want”
  Then, Shakira went to Ishiyama High School which is amount ¾ of student are delinquents and other else were normal. So, it was the most “crappies” school at Japan. She doesn’t care about that. Besides, she wants to become a part of delinquents too. She wants to become like her mother back then.
“Its mom’s sake after all…” spoken to herself.
       Shakira always admired her mother, Hana Himatsuri. She was talented in martial art such aikido,karate,judo. When she still 10 years old, she got all black belt in martial art. Her family; Yakuza’s family was proud to her and they want Hana to become the head of Himatsuri’s clan but she refused it because she want to continue her studies for the better further. When she was studied abroad, she fall in love to her lecturer; Mr. Adam Brandon and her love accepted.
 After she got her result, Hana went back to Tokyo to meet her family to get permission for married with her lecturer. However, her dad; Kuroshi Himatsuri refused it. In tradition, a woman who’s born in      Yakuza family has to married to the man that had chosen by her family. That night, she pack all her thing to runaway but before she leave the house, she asked her brother ,Shinnosuke Himatsuri to take care and protect their clan. And that it the story ended by Shakira’s mom marrying with her lecturer, Mr. Adam Brandon and live happily with their daughter, Shakira. But, when Shakira was 5 years old, Hana died without knowing the truth.
When she first time entered into the Ishiyama High, she can felt the atmosphere; which is an intense killing mood and she felt joyful knowing that she could meet with another stronger delinquent and challenge him to fight with her. But, unfortunately…there’s no one who is stronger than her. When she was in the class, she got a lot of attention from them especially the boys. It is because her looks are more like to his father’s family; eastern style and many of them tried to get her but she ignored it. She doesn’t care about that thing. What is she want to do right now is to find out who is the strongest delinquent in this school. When she was about to sit down, a big man come towards her and harassed her to couple with him. She just nodded with one condition;
“If you can beat me on the arm wrestling, I’ll be your girlfriend. Deal? ”
“ Ha!Ha!Ha! Of course you lost to me! You’re just a MERE GIRL! “
After just 3 seconds, Shakira won and the big man doesn’t to give up and after 30 tries, he admit Shakira’s victory. Before she stepped out from the class, she told that big man one advice;
“Don’t judges book with its cover, ok?  ”
And then, many of delinquents challenge her to fight to win her heart but they can’t win against her and she got title of ‘Devil Flower’ because of her beauty look and badass attitude.

That is why she on the school garret right now. She’s gotten bored with the weaklings. She haven’t find anyone who much stronger than her. While she rested up on the school garret, she sensed someone had come towards her. When she looked back, she saw a glasses boy approached her, “You’re Shakira Brandon, right? “ “Damn right! What do you want, DUDE? “When Shakira looked up to his face, she saw intense killed from his eyes. “He seems like dangerous. I have to keep my guard. “Consider Shakira. Suddenly, he makes a move and got her hand. “Darn! He is too fast.” Shakira whispered to herself.
That glasses man holds her hand tightly. Shakira can’t get out from that. “He’s too strong! What should I do right now? “She began flustered. They didn’t move at once until the glasses man grinned and make a joyful face while said, “Then, we should go back to the class right now or we get mad by teacher. “What the heck is he doing? Aren’t he supposed to hit me right now? “Shakira seems tangled when the glasses man said something like that. When they want to go to the exit door, suddenly…

“Urh…what are you doing right now, Devil Flower? Its look like you is getting your boyfriend right now. He’s look just a weakling you know? Why you choose him instead of us? Come out guys! We’re going to crush this BITCH!!”The big man called his gang to get her. “Like the hell I scared! You’re the coward one. Get help from your underlings just want to get me !” Shakira was about to involved it but the glasses man get her away. “What the hec..”  “I just don’t want to see a girl fighting with a men.” said the glasses man without unwillingness. Then, the big man’s gang surrounded them.

“What we’re going to do? We are being surrounded by them. We’re going to a dead meat if these situations still like this, You DAMN megane!!” “Just relax, Shakira. I’m going to save you, my Hime-chan.”  He speaks nonchalantly then with inhuman speed, he smashed his opponents who hold the long sticks with his barely hand. One by one. Within 20 minutes, he finished them off. The big man then grabbed something in his hand. Luckily, it was just a small white handkerchief and waves it knowing that they admit they lose. Shakira shocked from the impact and realized that he is the stronger among the strongest.

Soon, the glasses man stand up, clean up the dirt from his shirt and come towards Shakira while give his hand, “Can you stand up? “. However, Shakira slapped his hand and said, “I’m just fine. Now, GET LOST from my sight!” When she about to stand up, the glasses man hold her hand; again.” I know that you want to escaped from attend the classes. So, I want to make sure that you followed me so I can bring you back to the class.” “What’s wrong with your head? Then, who are you that you can command me around, you BULLSHIT!” Then, it is come to silence. After a few seconds, he broke the silence, “I’m Sasaraki Amakusa, class rep for class 1 C. It’s nice to meet you, Shakira!”He said cheerfully. That statement make Shakira felt more confused.  “What the hell with that gleeful expression after beating a craps? I don’t understand this guy!” ponder Shakira.

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